Three Months of Being Married….And We Are Giving Up

It’s been three months since me and my husband Dave said “I DO” to God and to each other. And after three months, we find ourselves giving up.

We are giving up on our own preferences.

I love dishes with a spoonful of ground pepper. He hates it.

I make sure that the closet’s door is always closed. He always forgets it.

He wants me to speak with a medium pitch. I can’t help it!!!!

He always wants a glass of water beside him during meal time. I always forget it.

And the list goes on and on and on.

And for three months, we are learning a new and unfamiliar word. ADJUST. We learned that we can’t change each other but we have a choice to adjust. And this is true whether you are single or in a relationship. We need to learn to accept that we cannot put the person we love in a box of our preferences. There will always be expectations that will not be met.  As there is always a room for improvement in any relationship, we should also make a room for adjustment.

We are giving up on our selfishness.


There are times that we still find ourselves in “MY” mentality. But God will always bring us back to the posture of “OURS”. My dreams are his dreams, too. His accomplishments are mine as well. Because we are no longer Dave and Sarah, but we are ONE. Sometimes, we find it tempting to decide things on our own but God will remind us that we are not single people anymore, and we are now a family of our own.

We are giving up on a better life…

Because we want the ‘best’ life.


For three months, we have seen how our lives transformed from better to best. But just a disclaimer, it is not a walk in the park. Decades of marriages will prove that. Being married is more than the same-day edit video, pre-nuptial pictorials, and honeymoon getaway selfies. But marriage is the best decision we made. It is a gift from God.  Other people may see marriage as a hindrance to your personal dreams. But why not see it this way? In marriage, you are not alone. You now have the suitable partner who can journey with you as you reach your goals. You will wake up every morning next to the person who first believes in you. You won’t cry alone in every struggle and failure you faced. If you believe that you are called to have your own family, getting married to someone that God has prepared for you will be the best days of your life. If there is someone who is most excited when you see yourself walking down the aisle, he is God. God wants the best for you.


It’s been three months since I said in my vow that I will always choose love. And after three months, we find ourselves, of course, not giving up on love.

Just Love,